Ministry Supervision

Leading and caring for people within a Church setting brings with it unique pressures and expectations. Often as church leaders we navigate complex issues and needs within the context of our communities, requiring a wide range of skills. To support you in your leadership role, supervision acts as a safety net. Providing a confidential space to process, make sense of and gain insight into what you might need to continue the meaningful work of your field whilst caring for yourself and your whānau.

Ana has plenty of ministry experience working across a number of spaces such as; missions, youth, young adults, preaching, services, pastoral care, volunteer training & care and policy implementation. Combined with her counselling training she offers an ethically robust, well informed, warm and encouraging approach to supervision. 

Ministry is Hard - We Get It

There is no role like a ministry role. You're on the coalface, there are a million things to do and your role is all encompassing. There are board members, staff members, volunteers, individuals who all have expectations (that are often different). You get to walk with people on the mountain top and also in the darkest valleys. We know there really isn't another job like being in ministry, as we've been there too. 

Thrive in your Role 

Ministry supervision empowers you to step out of the day to day and look at the bigger picture of what you're doing. You spend all of your time thinking about others, putting others first. Supervision creates space for you to assess how you are doing, what obstacles you're facing and what possibilities you have. Empowering you to thrive in your role. 

Stay in the Race 

Unfortunately ministry has the tendency to wear people out and lead them to step out of the very thing God has called them to.

Professional supervision helps you carry the weight that ministry brings and helps you stay in the race for the long haul. 

Pricing Info

One Off Session 

To get started book in your first session now. We have no doubt that after your first appointment you'll be wanting to lock in more. 

Set Up Your Year 

Our most popular option. Commit to a year of quarterly appointments and get three for the price of four. Allowing you to not only build from session to session but enure you have a solid foundation for the year ahead. 

Look After Your Team  

If you're wanting to take care of your team and help them to thrive in ministry for the long term, this is for you. Contact us  and let us know the size of your team and what you are looking for and we will arrange the best possible package to ensure your team are not only supported but are positioned to thrive for the long term.