A proactive approach to building emotional health.

Without a doubt mental and emotional health is vital to develop in the next generation. Sadly, recent statistics from New Zealand Ministry of Health reports 1 in 4 Kiwi's are reporting mental and emotional distress, with the numbers continuously trending upwards. As you’ll be aware, the impact of COVID over the last few years has only made matters significantly worse.

Being mentally and emotionally healthy is essential to help kids thrive in life. They are fundamental building blocks for someone to be resilient, empathetic, kind and respectful to those around them. We created this programme to partner with educators and bring fun, interactive and practical ways to build these fundamental things in the classroom.

Utilising live sessions with students and providing them with tools to take home, the Feed Your Mind programme builds key competencies that boost mental and emotional health. Competencies include developing; emotional vocabulary, recognising emotions, confidence in sharing thoughts and feelings, listening well and more. We’ve done the heavy lifting by embedding core skill development into our resources so all you have to do is get your students using the Feed Your Mind resources to see the above competencies further developed.

How it works...

Three Live Sessions

Our engaging and experienced presentation team come into your school to run three sessions with a cohort of students (Years 5-8). Schools are offered their choice of either once a week over three weeks or fortnightly over five weeks. These sessions teach students about the importance of mental and emotional health, introduce them to the tools we’ve created and set them up to use them at home.

Resources For Every Student

Each student will receive and take home their own 'Ride the Rollercoaster' game and set of 'Get Talking' cards. The idea is that the student takes agency and responsibility for using the tools at home. We know if the student initiates it, whānau are more likely to engage with it together.

Parents Hui

A free evening session will be offered for parents and caregivers following the final session with students. Parents/caregivers will be invited to come along to hear from our Facilitator and Counsellor, Ana Baird, about how they can intentionally build practices to boost the mental and emotional health of everyone in their whānau.

Wins at Home and School

Investing in building the mental and emotional health of the students has huge benefits not only at home but also at school. When students can manage their emotions and build resilience, as you know, they are much more likely to succeed academically and behave in the classroom.

Your investment.

The cost of this in-school programme is $1,200 + $30 per student. This cost covers the facilitation of the three sessions as well as the resources we place in the hands of the students. Plus a few extra copies of the resources to be used in your school as you see fit.

"All research shows that social emotional learning does, in fact, enhance children’s academic success while preventing problems such as mental health disorders and violence."

- UNICEF Report 

72% of students say that using the tools has made them 'more confident' to talk about their feelings. 

"Thank you so much for distributing these tools at our school, our family loves using them. We use the Get Talking Cards almost daily."

- Jess, Parent